The Line Up

Let the countdown begin.

Monday 26th May: Allied

Wednesday 28th May: Atutu

Friday 30th May: B

Sunday 1st June: Catwalq & Guest

Tuesday 3rd June: Overwhelmed

Thursday 5th June: Jaja

Saturday 7th June: Rayo

Monday 9th June: Kiibaati

Wednesday 11th June: Solomonsydelle

Friday 13th June:Naapali

Sunday 15th June: Waffarian

and closing out the show,

Tuesday 17th June: UK Naija.



  1. Allied said...
    I changed the month
    Jaycee said...
    I just saw I can't wait for it to unravel...loll...
    ~Mimi~ said...
    hhmmmm gen gen

    wats this? me i dont know but it looks interesting.

    someone's blogging on my birthday june 3 so u berra pay a tribute!

    LOL..ok i've been away from blogville for too long i might have forgotten my manners
    LemonadeGirl said...
    sounds interesting!!

    Could you please explain what it is!!!???


    In my head and around me said...
    I'm so lost...what' going on?
    Ivanaa said...
    I'm overly lost whats the gist? what is this about??
    Baroque said...
    why are your fonts in different sizes and all over the place??? i hope the stories wont look lke that?...btw, why is Allied the one starting it & not Catwalq?
    Queen of My Castle said...
    Oh gosh I can't wait! You guys are some of if not THE best Blogville writers and mental picture artists.
    Funms said...
    i cant wait!!!!!
    Tininu said...
    okay , so like today is the 26th monday and there is nothing....any set backs or i my just too early
    Goy said...
    A promising beginning...

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